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Licensed RCIC Immigration Consultants

Why Choose Rai Immigration Services?

  • Wide Scope of Knowledge and Experience
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Immigration Policy and Updates
  • Customized Service Based on Distinct Profiles
  • Guidance That Is Professional and Timely
  • Ethics At The Heart of Service Standards and Procedures
  • Handholding Until a Decision is Arrived Upon

Why work with a Regulated or Licensed Immigration Consultant?

If you need immigration advice, licensed immigration consultants have the specialized expertise to help you. They have met competency standards established by the College and follow a Code of Professional Conduct (the Code).

The Code sets standards to which all licensees of the College must adhere. It requires immigration consultants to:

– Foster a relationship of trust

– Act ethically with honesty, integrity, and respect

– Respect the deadlines and timelines associated with an application

– Conduct your affairs efficiently and cost-effectively

– Communicate with you in a timely and effective way

– Demonstrate cultural sensitivity

– Get the assistance they need to help you when necessary (for example, by hiring an interpreter or translator)

Customer Reviews

Niyati Kohli

As the whole immigration process is extremely layered, it was difficult as a student to comprehend everything at once.Rai Immigration Services helped me ease the process and made sure everything was done in a timely systematic manner. The staff is extremely helpful and efficient.

Manogna Salla

It was my pleasure to choose RIS consultants for my immigration requirements. I am deeply grateful to Srijana for patiently answering all my queries.The team is very keen on getting the desired documentation that helps understand the applicant’s profile better for the visa processing officer.

Jini Joseph

I contacted Rai Immigration Services after I got refusal for SOWP and TRV for my son. They are a thorough, professional and exceptional team which made the whole process a smooth one. I strongly recommend Rai Immigration Services to all my family and friends. I got my Visa approved within a month after reapplying.

Pubudu Madurapperuma Arachchige

I am very grateful to Rai Immigration Services because they guided me and helped me with my study permit and visa extension in Canada. When I first came to Canada for my studies, I got my visa and study permit nearly for 3 months even though my master’s program is a 2-year program. Ms. Srijana Rai and her staff did a great work with my application to extend my study permit and visa. In addition they guided my wife and helped her to get the Open Spousal Work Permit from Sri Lanka. I still remember Ms. Srijana had written a superb Statement of Purpose Letter for my wife’s application.

Rai Immigration Services is very enthusiastic and energetic with their services. They are very efficient and great communicators. Ms. Srijana Rai and her staff are truly amazing, and they are the best. I would highly recommend Rai Immigration Services for those who are looking for help with immigration matters.

Our Easy Approach

1. Book a phone consultation. 

2. Review eligible pathways to see the best fit.

3. Sign an RIS retainer agreement & pay deposit.

4. Work with RIS as we deep dive into your case.

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