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Personalized Effective Cover and Submission Letter Writing Package

A visa application can oftentimes be daunting and weaving your story to present to a visa office more challenging than anticipated. Writing isn’t everyone’s cup pf tea, let alone writing concisely with all the relevant and factual details. We are here to help!

A well-written submission or cover letter is one of the most important factors in most visa applications. It is the best opportunity to present your complete life story-the road so far, the strategy for now, and the aspirations for the future with substantive life evidence. We are here to weave that story with borrowed tapestry from every area of your life that matters. Your submission letter will not just be a personalised one but will present effectively snippets of every life aspect that makes you who you are-a person of real value with solid ambitions!

No matter what the visa category-we know from experience how difficult it can be to explain your situation and personal relationships to a visa office that uses every detail to arrive at a decision on your application. We step in here to not just present your story in the most effective manner but to elevate it linguistically. 

With over a decade of visa application experience, we know how to present your personal situation and travel/study plans in a concise and honest letter, facilitating effectively your chances for success.

In short, we can do the following that is personalized to your circumstances:

  • PACKAGE A – 20 mins consultation call + cover Letter for Tourist Visa – CAD$200
  • PACKAGE B – 20 mins consultation call + submission letter/letter of Intent for a Student Visa/ Study Permit – CAD $250

Important – Please remember that the decision of whether to grant or deny a visa depends entirely on the visa officer. We work to present your case in the best way possible, however, the consulate will base their decision on a number of other factors, such as academic choices,  finances, reasons for travel, home ties, travel history, security and health etc.